By not reacting you are free to create.

Once something is determined to be it becomes that. Even if it is not. It becomes that to you. A lifetime of self-deception is built up around it. The world populates that reality with all sorts of supporting evidence. Any reaction to the world is a reaction to the thought built up in the mind.

We now know through Epigenetics that 95% of behavior is drawn out; conditioned from an old reality. A reality that no longer exists, except for fragments from memory. The past does seem to get re-created all of the time. But what we react to is just a house of cards; an illusion. This is not new news, except for our modern iteration of society. With a deep inner-connection our behavior is not simply drawn out from old programming, but lack of awareness; ignorance.

With Self-awareness one can see how others reflect back ones subtle inner state. When that is seen the 95% unconscious behavior is reduced. One starts to awaken. Without reaction to the world you can see how deeply connected you are to everything, even the most disgusting. By not reacting you start to take away the power the world has over you. You withdrawal the unconscious support structure; the psychic energy that maintains the illusion. When you don't react you can enter into conscious creation; the natural state of the universe.

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